World Civilization
to 1550 C.E.

World Civilization
1550 to the present

World Civilization Interactive Journey

HIST 4280/5280:
Intellectual and
Cultural History
of Europe
to 1500 C.E.

HIST 4285/5285:
Intellectual and
Cultural History
of Europe
since 1500 C.E.

HIST 4130/5130
The Middle Ages

HIST 4950/5950
Medieval Monasticism

HIST 4950/5950:
The Medieval World in Film

HIST/WMST 4950/5950:
Women in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

HIST 4950/5950:
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

HIST 4140/5140
Renaissance and

IDST 2305 The Heroic Quest

IDST 2310:
The Fine and
Applied Arts
in Civilization

IDST 2205:
Global Issues

Women's Studies

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Welcome to a hypertext journey through the wonders of world civilization! The World Civilization Virtual Library is designed to be used as a supplement to course materials for Dr. Vess's World Civilization courses and other history courses at Georgia College & State University, including the assigned narrative text, primary sources, and instructor's class manual. This hypertext version of the World Civilization class manual contains multiple links to on-line museums, research databases, virtual tours of important historic sites, full text versions of many of the assigned readings as well as other readings relevant to items which appear on your outlines, and many other resources. Many of these sites to which you can link contain additional links to other resources. Use your imagination and explore the world!

Freshman Seminar Class: How to Use the Internet for Historical Research

HIST 6001 Historical Methods and Interpretations Internet Exercises


a seventeenth-century view of the world


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