World Civilization
to 1550 C.E.

World Civilization
1550 to the present

World Civilization Interactive Journey

HIST 4130/5130
The Middle Ages

HIST 4950/5950
Medieval Monasticism

  HIST 4950/WMST 4950: Women in the Ancient and Medieval Worlds

HIST 4950/5950 The Medieval World in Film

HIST 4140/5140
Renaissance and

HIST 4280/5280:
Intellectual and
Cultural History
of Europe
to 1500 C.E.

HIST 4285/5285:
Intellectual and
Cultural History
since 1500 C.E.

IDST 2305 The Heroic Quest

IDST 2310:
The Fine and
Applied Arts
in Civilization

IDST 2205:
Global Issues

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World Civilization to 1550 C.E.

The Prehistoric Era
The Hebrews
The Assyrians
The Hellenistic Era
West African Art of Benin
The Islamic World
The Americas
The Western Middle Ages
Medieval Monasticism
The Hundred Years' War
The Decline of the Church: Boniface VIII and Papal Politics
The Black Death
The Renaissance
The Reformation
The Voyages of Discovery

Special Interest Topics

Dr. Vess's Multimedia Presentations for World Civ to 1550
You must have a password to access these files, and install the Astound Web Player to view them. (Link for this is on the page.)
Dr. Vess's World Civilization Interactive Journey
Dr. Vess's interactive Authorware programs. You must install Shockwave (Authorware Web player) on your system to view them. (Link for this is on the page.) I have recently opened these files to those off campus. Enjoy.

Most of the virtual tours below were prepared for my HIST4950: Medieval monasticism web site. Since they deal with material covered in World Civ to 1550 C.E., you may access them here as well. Enjoy!

Virtual Tour of the ruins of Fountains Abbey
with a brief history of the Cistercian movement from 1098 through the twelfth century
Virtual Tour of Rievaulx Abbey

Virtual Tour of Kirkstall Abbey

Virtual tour of Lindisfarne Priory

Virtual tour of Iona

Virtual Tour of Glendalough

Virtual Tour of Clonmacnois, Ireland

Virtual Tour of the Hermitage of Robert of Knaresborough

Virtual Tour of Battle Abbey and the battlefield of the Battle of Hastings

Virtual Tour of Celtic Holy Wells

Virtual Tour of Irish High Crosses

Virtual tour of the Hermitage of St. Finbarr, Ireland

Dr. Vess's Virtual Tour of Mellifont Abbey in Ireland This abbey is interesting for the conflict between the Anglo-Normans and Irish that occurred there.

Virtual Tour of the grounds and buildings of a modern Benedictine monastery

with a brief discussion of Scholastica

Virtual tour of Whitby Abbey

Layers of History: A Virtual Tour of the Roman, Viking, and Medieval ruins of the city of York, England

Virtual Tour of Battle Abbey and the battlefield of the Battle of Hastings

Virtual tour of St. Augustine's Peter and Paul church, later known as St. Augustine's Abbey

Discussion of Canterbury Cathedral Monastery and virtual tour of the Cathedral

Virtual tour of the Monastery of Hosios Lukas in Greece

See also my virtual tours of ancient ruins in the Americas:

Dr. Vess's Virtual Tour of Ocmulgee, Georgia, an important center of the Mississippian culture (mound-builders)

Dr. Vess's Virtual Tour of Anasazi Ruins of the American Southwest

Dr. Vess's Virtual Tour of MesoAmerican ruins